Ellie Krieger, Jay Lippin, Kombucha + More

Today on Fork This with IntoxiKate Fork This with IntoxiKate airs Tuesdays from 6-7 p.m. on 1490 WGCH and wgch.com. Tonight's guests include: Ellie Krieger, TV Host, Best-Selling Author, Nutritionist, IntoxiKate #foodcrush Ellie Krieger is the host and executive producer of the Public Television cooking series Ellie’s Real Good Food, and well known as the host of Food Network’s hit show Healthy Appetite. While she offers a range of delicious recipes, the best-selling author is a nutritionist combining flavor, fun, and fresh foods in the kitchen. She is also starting the conversation about gut health, [...]

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Veggie is King Again at Dig Inn Rye Brook

When I first walked in to Dig Inn's new (and currently only Westchester) location in Rye Brook, I thought I was transported to Brooklyn. No, I'm not talking about the exposed brick walls and hanging Edison lightbulbs of yesteryear. It's more what you'd expect from a farm to table restaurant—light, airy, utilitarian (but beautiful) design. You're almost dining in an atrium, with the high ceiling in the back filled with skylights. Everything from the bowls to the lighting to the furniture looks like it was designed for them. And it turns out, most of it has been. I wasn't sure if [...]

Gourmet On The Go: Got Thyme Westchester

Okay, all my fellow foodies who are kickstarting the new year with a 30-Day Transformation, or those of you who are actually sticking to their new year resolution to be healthier in 2017—what is the hardest part of being on your new meal plan? TIME! I get it. When I was on my elimination meal plan to jumpstart my digestive system, I battled the clock on a daily basis. With our long work hours and family responsibilities, it's getting harder and harder to sit down to a healthy meal, let alone a home cooked one. Pair that with efforts to avoid certain foods—whether [...]

Enter to Win Goodies from Drybar White Plains

If you know IntoxiKate, you know I'm a true locavore—I love celebrating the restaurants, chefs, and foods in our area. Sometimes, news and events come across my plate that aren't food related, but are still fantastic to cover. This is one of those posts. It's my love for local, and it's all about living life deliciously. Here we go... Coming Soon: Drybar White Plains All good things from NYC tend to make their way north, don't you think?!? From chefs to products to restaurants and more, once it's a hit in the big city, it tends to travel [...]

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The 2017 Trend: Promoting Gut Health

If there’s anything I learned from my own health experience last year, it’s to trust my gut. I’m not talking intuition here—I’m focusing on my eating habits and how I’m affected by what I consume. I waited six months after my first digestive symptoms before taking action. Delaying my road to recovery made it a long, hard, bumpy ride (with painful B12 shots to boot). To maintain my regimen in the new year, I’ve made the following resolutions: 1. To take more a measured approach to my own health and well-being. I recognize that each and everyone of us has [...]

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Starting the Conversation about Gut Health & Probiotics

Do you know that moment at a restaurant, when you are so incredibly hungry, and you spot the waiter coming your way, tray stacked high with the food you know is yours? The whole scenario almost feels like it is in slow motion—the waiter takes one cautious step in front of the other—and your mouth waters in anticipation as you catch the scent of your dinner wafting in the air. I get that same hungry anticipation after I’ve finished an incredible meal at a restaurant. I can’t get back to my computer fast enough, where I can download my photos—with [...]

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IntoxiKate’s Edible Holiday Gift Guide: Molly’s Bakeovers

{Molly's Bakeovers: Stocking Stuffers EVERYONE Can Enjoy} It’s no secret food allergies are on the rise—I have more friends who suffer from gluten, peanut, and dairy allergies than I can count. It makes entertaining and gift giving a bit difficult. But thanks to Molly’s Bakeovers, I can feed all of my foodie friends with no problem. Molly’s Bakeovers gave the traditional cookie recipe a serious makeover. The result is a tastier, more nutritious cookie that’s free of gluten, dairy, peanuts, egg, and soy. I’m not entirely sure how they’ve baked such amazingness in a bite-sized cookie, but they’ve done it. [...]

IntoxiKate’s Edible Holiday Gift Guide: Pulp Pantry

{Pulp Pantry: For the Health Nut Looking for a Granola Alternative} From food festival to food festival—and everything in between—sustainability is on the tip of every chef’s tongue. It’s an extension of the farm to table movement, using every bit of local goodness from root to stem. I love every single second of it—and when I heard about Pulp Pantry, I was ecstatic to see the movement extending to the food product world. In Los Angeles, juiceries throw out up to 75% of the whole fresh fruits and vegetables used to make juices. Pulp Pantry’s mission is to change that. [...]

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IntoxiKate’s Edible Holiday Gift Guide: Rachel Pauls Happy Bars

{Rachel Pauls Happy Bars: For the Fitness Buff Looking for a Healthy Energy Bar} The more talk to people, the more I realize how many of us suffer from digestive issues (myself included!). The mass amount of carbohydrates we consume in food products are difficult for our bodies to digest, so the bad bacteria in our guts feed on them, causing issues like gas, bloating and more. Low FODMAPS foods, including these bars, are more easily digestible and help eliminate IBS symptoms. That’s why Dr. Rachel Pauls created Happy Bars. These delicious, natural energy bars have less than .5 grams [...]

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Top 6 Takeaways from the Take Back Your Health Conference

Over the summer, I had a frank conversation with a nutritionist friend about some of the digestive issues I was having. She offered insight, and more importantly, help. Up to this point, I attributed these issues as a side effect from all of the food/beer/wine tasting I was doing. But when I took a break from IntoxiKate to get married—and did not shed a pre-wedding pound on a very clean eating food plan—my digestive issues worsened. After a few tests, answering lots of questions about my eating habits, and an official visit, we determined there was a problem (more on [...]

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