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I’m excited to introduce you to this week’s guests:

Shearwater Coffee Bar

Ed Freedman
Coffee Enthusiast + Owner of Shearwater Coffee Bar

Okay, let’s get serious for a moment. I recently had THE BEST cup of coffee, and I have Ed Freedman to thank for it. The owner of Shearwater Coffee (you know, named One of the 15 Best New Coffee Roasters in American by Thrillest.com), has officially made the move from just distribution to a brick and mortar coffee chop. Shearwater Coffee Bar opened last month in Fairfield, CT in the Brick Wall section of downtown.

Ed has been passionate about coffee for decades, and it shows in the interview. From coffee’s tasting notes, to the coffee revolution making its way from the West coast to the East, he is on the cutting edge of the next new beverage trend—craft coffee bars—and bringing all the caffeinated (organic!) goodness to Fairfield County.

Shearwater coffee bar

Jason Varga
Bonafide Barista at Shearwater Coffee Bar

Where there’s a Batman, a Robin is sure to follow. And the duo always makes one bad mama jama of a team. When it came to building his team at Shearwater Coffee Bar, Ed didn’t have to look far, hiring Jason Varga to lead the baristas. Previously, Jason honed his specialty coffee skills while working at such prestigious local coffee houses as Espresso Neat and Tusk & Cup Fine Coffee.

His talent is not joke. Before popping on air, Jason aptly displayed their “pour-over” method, brewing a delicious, hot cup of coffee offering a variety of subtle flavors. No milk and sugar needed here, folks. Just straight coffee tasting.

When he’s not brewing IntoxiKate the perfect cup, Jason trains the other baristas on how to use the Faema E71 espresso machine (yes, it’s basically like a Ferrari that makes coffee), the pour-over method, lattes, and cappuccinos.  His favorite topics include selecting a single-origin coffee, understanding roast profiles, and precision brewing techniques. And I’m all about it.

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