IntoxiKate’s Edible Holiday Gift Guide: Pulp Pantry

{Pulp Pantry: For the Health Nut Looking for a Granola Alternative}

From food festival to food festival—and everything in between—sustainability is on the tip of every chef’s tongue. It’s an extension of the farm to table movement, using every bit of local goodness from root to stem. I love every single second of it—and when I heard about Pulp Pantry, I was ecstatic to see the movement extending to the food product world.

In Los Angeles, juiceries throw out up to 75% of the whole fresh fruits and vegetables used to make juices. Pulp Pantry’s mission is to change that. They’ve connected with the highest quality juiceries in their area to transform the fresh fruit, vegetables and nut pulp into delicious snacks like Grain-Free Granolas, Grain-Free Baking Mixes, and Grain-Free Veggie Crisps. That means they’re a great gift idea for those following a vegan, gluten-free, or organic diet.

IntoxiKate’s Pick: The Grain-Free Granola comes in Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Carrot, Apple Pie, You’re So Original, and Cinnamon Spice. $14 for two bags. For more information about Pulp Pantry, check out the IntoxiKate Edible Holiday Gift Guide.

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