Chocolations’ Chocolate Strawberry “Nazi”

by Katie Schlientz

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Chocolations owner Maria Valente, you know she’s as sweet as the delicate chocolates she creates. But when it comes to strawberries, the chocolatier sees red—the self proclaimed “Strawberry Nazi” is super-protective over her chocolate covered variety.

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A little birdie told me the later male customers visit the chocolate shop, they are more likely to dip further into the wallet. So ladies, maybe it’s not so bad your man waits until the last minute!

Weeks before the big day, Valente is making calls to research where the berries are coming from. With an eye on weather patterns (and on the hunt for the juiciest berry), she selects the best strawberry vendor. And there’s no rest for those berries once they’re delivered—only after extensive washing and drying process, they are dipped, drizzled and delicious, ready to serve as a Valentine’s Day dessert.

But Valente doesn’t stop there. If she catches wind that you won’t be enjoying the chocolate strawberries the same day you pick them up, she’ll deny you the sale. Chocolate strawberries just don’t “sit” well, and she wants to guarantee the best possible quality. “I’m not trying to be mean when I say you cannot have strawberries today if you plan to serve them tomorrow,” Valente says. “I’m just looking out for you—I have your best interest at heart.” (Don’t worry—if you can’t enjoy the strawberries same day, there are plenty of other chocolate goodies to keep your Valentine happy!)


{IntoxiKate Tip!}

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor polar vortex will keep Valente from prepping and selling her coveted chocolate goodies. She’s committed to staying open to make sure those chocolates make it to the right people this Valentine’s Day.

{Chocolations: 607 E. Boston Post Rd., Mamaroneck, 914-777-3600,}

Strawberry photograph courtesy of Chocolations

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