Great Beers for St. Patrick’s Day

by Katie Schlientz

On today’s show of Fork This with IntoxiKate, Mitch DeSimone offered some great beers for St. Patrick’s Day you can pick up at Half Time (home to the world’s largest selection of beer) in Mamaroneck. Here’s a quick recap of what Mitch mentioned:


Murphy’s Stout: Dry Irish Stout

A great alternative to Guinness, slightly more full bodied but otherwise similar in most aspects. Delicious malt flavors, slightly roasted and chocolaty, with a beautiful creamy texture. Open the can and flip it upside down to pour aggressively into an imperial pint glass, watch it settle and enjoy! Pairs well with potatoes and hearty foods, works nicely with a corned beef dinner or a traditional hearty Irish breakfast, and plays very well with Jameson. This beer is truly GREAT to cook with!

Smithwicks: Irish Red Ale

A beautiful deep amber color nearly identical to the shading of its packaging, this beer blends perfectly the rich malty flavors of Ireland’s best beers with the soft fruity flavors of traditional Irish ale yeasts. This beer is complex enough to satisfy any beer enthusiast, as I am constantly reminded every time I find a pint in my hand, but will still be very well received even by those who typically shy away from beer. A personal and family favorite!

Flying Dog Lucky SOB: Irish Red Ale

For a very interesting Americanized spin on traditional Irish ales, check out this Irish Red Ale from Maryland! Brewed with four leaf clovers, this beer is sure to bring you luck when paired with a nice corned beef and cabbage sandwich with stone ground mustard on fresh rye. For St. Patrick’s Day or the morning after, this is an absolute must try.

The White Hag Brewing Company Black Boar Imperial Oatmeal Stout

The newest craft brewery to begin importing into New York, White Hag brings quite a few intriguing beers to our shelves. This is my personal favorite, a big, hearty 10%ABV Imperial Stout brewed with oatmeal to add a very full body and rich velvety texture that makes Guinness look and taste like water! Pair this with only the heartiest of meals, as it has a tendency to overpower anything you throw at it! A fatty corned beef loaded with potatoes, carrots and cabbage will help bring out the roasted notes in the beer, and a thick lamb stew will blend beautifully with the flavors of this big beer.

Sam Smith’s Organic Hard Cider

Outside of Magners, Ireland’s ciders are consumed far too rapidly to be exported to the US. Luckily England produces a handful of enjoyable alternatives; one of which is the Sam Smith Organic Cider. Slightly dry and packed with flavor, this certified organic beverage is a great alternative to the traditional Irish powerhouse cider that doesn’t break the bank.

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