Men(u) Crave: Coby Blount of Fortina

by Katie Schlientz
fortina armonk

{IntoxiKate Series} We’ve all been guilty of it. Sure, the restaurant has great food, but sometimes we go for things that aren’t on the menu. Maybe it’s the ambiance, maybe it’s the VIP treatment, or maybe it’s the bartender’s eyes…. Wait, what? Men(u) Crave uncovers the cutest men in the restaurant industry, moves past those good looks, and discovers why they’re drawn to food (and why women and drawn to them)!

fortina armonk

Shortly after starting IntoxiKate, I was sitting with a friend of mine at a table near the bar at Fortina, telling her about this series. And then, this bartender appeared at our table, double-fisting two cocktails he made especially for us. His hair was neatly tied back, his smile was charming… Minutes later, the Men(u) Crave series got its title, inspired by the one and only Coby Blount.

fortina armonk

Before my visit, I heard chatter—both in person and online—about the “cute bartender at Fortina.” In my opinion, all the gentlemen at the fun-loving single’s scene in Armonk deserve the title, but I’ve got to give the readers what they want. So here he is, ladies…

fortina armonk

Coby Blount, 29
Manager, Fortina, Armonk

I’ve received a lot of tweets and emails about you! Why do you think you are a menu crave?
I guess I’m a Men(u) Crave because I smile a lot. I try to make people’s day better every chance I get.

Why did you go into the restaurant industry?
I got into the restaurant business at an early age (14) working in delis. When I was 18, I started working for a fancy liquor store. I started to develop an interest in spirits and beer. I like that I have the opportunity to create a unique experience for everyone who walks through Fortina’s doors. My goal is to provide everyone with the kind of hospitality that is going to make their day or week that much better.

fortina armonk

Why did you want to work at Fortina?
When my 3 best friends opened a beautiful new restaurant and wanted me to be a part of their team, it was a no brainer.

Why do you think Fortina is a singles scene?
I think Fortina is a singles scene because people feel comfortable coming here by themselves. They know that once they are here, they’re no longer by themselves, they have become part of our family.

Where else do you go in Westchester?
On my occasional night off, I’ll go to Restaurant North around the corner or maybe up to Dobbs Ferry to The Cookery or Harpers for cocktails.

fortina armonk

What’s one thing most people dont know about you?
I was a competitive ice dancer until 12 years old when I tore my ACL.

Ok, I know all the ladies want to know—are you single?
{Sorry, ladies!}

{Fortina: 17 Maple Ave, Armonk, 914-273-0900,}

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