An Open Letter to Chef David DiBari

by Katie Schlientz
the parlor dobbs ferry

Dear Dave,

You know I’m a huge fan of yours. I love the way you’ve carved out a much-deserved spot as one of the top chefs in Westchester. I’m down with the mother-shucking, roasted pig, tatted-up, wild side of you. I am an avid follower of all things #sausage #goosefat #wemakelettuceinteresting #getbaked.

But we need to talk.

A few weeks ago, I visited The Parlor, your highly-anticipated pizza joint. One step in, and I immediately had high hopes—the eatery has that Brooklyn-chic look with exposed brick, carefully mismatched tables and chairs, and a mural of graffittied signatures. It’s urban, it’s hip, and it’s a place that Westchester desperately needs. With a growing number of young, adventurous eaters cropping up in the rivertowns,  you picked the perfect home in Dobbs Ferry.

the parlor dobbs ferry

I love the get-your-hands dirty spirit of the scissors that accompanies each pie. I’ve already gone to bat with other Westchester-ites who pointed their nose down towards it—I don’t think they get what you’re trying to achieve, and I personally love the though of controlling my own slice size with a quick snip.

the parlor dobbs ferry

To me, it’s the perfect formula of fairly-priced, family-friendly fare; where mom and dad can grab a decent scotch on the rocks (and a decent adult meal), while the kids grab a slice or two.

But, we may be in a little bit of a fight… (I’m sorry!)

In all fairness, the day I swung by, you weren’t there. Completely understandable—you have two great eateries to manage. But I missed you, and it was totally evident in the food. I’ll admit, I was looking for a little love in my pizza.

I started with the coveted oysters I’ve heard so much about. Confession: fully knowing what you can do with this delectable shellfish and listening to several people describe them has literally left me drooling. But when they arrived at the table, I was disappointed to find them overcooked and underdressed (pretty please can I have some extra oil to sop up with pizza crust?!?!). But don’t think for a second this will stop be for coming back for more…

the parlor dobbs ferry

While I totally dig the bone marrow pizza (boy, you know a way to a foodie girl’s heart!), I went with the cacio e peppe, a parmigiano and pecorino pizza that has a traditional punch of crushed black pepper. But alas, the black pepper I so craved was missing on every slice, leaving the cheese combo a bit too salty.

the parlor pizza

Bottom line: we need to fix this to make this “relationship” work. I love all that The Parlor stands for and I’m totally engaged with the motif and menu. It can be the total package. I’m coming back for round two, and I hope to find you there…

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I’m still in love.

{The Parlor: 14 Cedar St., Dobbs Ferry, 914-478-8200,}

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