Relax the Healthy Way with Pure Via Spa Water Recipe

by Katie Schlientz
Pure Via

If you’ve tuned into Fork This with IntoxiKate (airing Monday through Friday from 12 to 1 p.m. on Newstalk 1230 WFAS) lately, you know we’ve been chatting about food companies labeling items as “all-natural” and “non-GMO.” With the growing number of consumers actively searching out these products, and with the New York Times reporting about the government creating labeling standards, I thought it was time to look into a healthier option to sweeteners for the coffee and teas I drink on a daily basis.

When Pure Via® sent samples my way and I tasted the sweetener—available in just stevia and stevia blends with raw cane sugar—I had to invite Bill Bueher, Vice President of Food Service Sales and Marketing, on the show to talk more. You can listen to our chat here (check for the June 3rd interview).

If you tasted other stevia-based sweeteners before, you may have thought the sweetener had a slightly bitter taste—that’s thanks to the natural taste of the stevia plant. (Check out these fun facts about stevia courtesy of The Huffington Post.) Pure Via® uses a higher grade of stevia, so the product offers a smoother, cleaner taste. While it definitely sweetens my coffee the perfect amount, it doesn’t change the actual flavor of my favorite cup of joe (which I love).

I’m officially a believer, and until this product is offered by every restaurant I frequent, I’m carrying around a few packets to sweeten my post-dinner coffee or tea. If you’re interested in picking up some Pure Via® of your own, check out your local grocer (it’s carried by most retailers). Once you’ve picked up a bit, you can whip up a batch of their fruit and cucumber infused spa water with the recipe below.

Pure Via® Spa Water

(Makes 3 gallons/48 Servings)

2 cucumbers
2 red apples
2 yellow apples
2 oranges
2 lemons
3 (2.4g) lemon powder packets
1 1/2 tsp Pure Via® stevia
3 gallons water

1. Wash the cucumber, apples, lemons, and oranges. Leave the rind and skin on all of the fruits and cucumber. Cut apples into quarters and cut lemons, oranges and cucumbers into circle slices.

2. Place all fruit and cucumbers into about two gallons of cold water. Stir in packets of lemon powder and Pure Via® stevia. Allow fruit and vegetables to remain in the water for five to ten hours, or overnight.

3. Before serving, add one more more gallon of water to the flavor infused mixture. Serve with ice for single servings or store in a three-gallon cold beverage dispenser for self-serving.

Pure Via Recipe © 2015 Whole Earth Sweetener Company, LLC

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