IntoxiKate’s Edible Holiday Gift Guide: Rachel Pauls Happy Bars

by Katie Schlientz
rachel pauls happy bars

{Rachel Pauls Happy Bars: For the Fitness Buff Looking for a Healthy Energy Bar}

The more talk to people, the more I realize how many of us suffer from digestive issues (myself included!). The mass amount of carbohydrates we consume in food products are difficult for our bodies to digest, so the bad bacteria in our guts feed on them, causing issues like gas, bloating and more.

Low FODMAPS foods, including these bars, are more easily digestible and help eliminate IBS symptoms. That’s why Dr. Rachel Pauls created Happy Bars. These delicious, natural energy bars have less than .5 grams of total FODMAPS per serving. They make the PERFECT gift for the for your fitness friend or anyone who needs a bit of energy on the go. Plus, they come in four delicious flavors— Chocolate Chip Delight, Orange Chocolate Ecstasy, Peanut Chocolate Euphoria and Peanut Maple Pleasure.

Happy Bars = happy bellies!

$34.99 for 12 Bars

For more information about Happy Bars, check out the IntoxiKate Edible Holiday Gift Guide.

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