Return to Specialty Shops: Siegel Bros Marketplace in Mount Kisco

by Katie Schlientz
siegel bros marketplace

I know time is not on our side these days. I constantly find myself wishing there were more hours in the day (and generally, it’s so I can get a decent amount of beauty sleep).

In between the PTO events, practices, and office deadlines, it’s easiest to run errands at a one-stop-shop, especially when we’re using our “free time” on the weekends. But when it comes to food, I think we’re starting to navigate our shopping experience a bit differently. With the popularity of farmers markets, and the number of butchers and bakeries popping up these days, I think there’s something to be said about using as many expert sources as possible to arm us with the best food for our families.

Call me old-fashioned, but when I’m talking to the person behind the counter who actually sourced the food, or even handmade the sausage, I find it extremely exciting. I also feel powerful—I’m able to arm myself with the information I need to make the best food decisions.

I think that’s what first drew me to Siegel Bros. Marketplace, and their adjacent Wine & Spirits shop. It’s almost if I have a chef in my back pocket, or a professional sommelier on hand. With Executive Chef Dave Nevins explaining—in every detail—how he created his Maryland Crab Cakes to Jeremy Nevins hand picking the rosé I’m pairing with dinner, I have the experts at my fingertips to make the decisions that are not only best for me, but also my timeframe.

siegel bros markeplace

Siegel Bros. Marketplace and Wine & Spirits shop opened late last year in the village of Mount Kisco by brothers Jeremy, Dave, and Doug Nevins and butcher/fishmonger Don Meyers. The family is rich with a history of owning and operating specialty food shops—Abram Siegel opened his first kosher butcher shop in 1912.

The “specialty” market is, in fact, that—special. With a “real food” mantra, they source humanely and sustainably raised animals that are grass and grain fed, plus antibiotic and hormone-free. They break most everything down onsite, which is a sight to see.

Siegel bros marketplace

The same mentality is applied to sea fare, with sustainably-raised farmed products and wild caught offerings sourced from they best suppliers available.


Love Clambakes? Siegel Bros. Marketplace will whip per person portions for you and your friends! For $45 per person, 1-1/4 lb lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp, potatoes, corn, and chorizo. Simply call the shop (914- 864-0690) a day in advance to reserve your order!


The prepared foods section—think seasoned meats and side dishes—is where the marketplace stands out from the rest. Tucked in between some of your deli favorites are surprises (scrapple, anyone?), and all are made by the hands of the on staff executive chef.


{For more details about Siegel Bros. daily specials, visit their Facebook page.}

Here’s a shocker—like most of you, I can’t always make dinner. Between the radio show, chatting with chefs, and my digital media consulting business, I don’t always have time to cook the three-course meals I love to prepare every evening. But, with Siegel Bros. on my side, I can fake it, make it, and entertain on my terms.

siegel bros marketplace

Let’s talk the soft shell crabs I posted on Instagram a few weeks back. Now, I’ve made these bad boys from scratch plenty of times, and I could resist to picking up a few for a family dinner when I saw them in the seafood case at Siegel Bros. They were prepared, cooked, and chilling in the case, and my immediately thought was—how I can crisp these bad boys back up without over cooking them? A simple two minute conversation with Chef Dave, and I was on my way to perfection.

I mean, how else would you expect to entertain? #foodcrew

siegel bros marketplace

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