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by Katie Schlientz
coffee labs roasters

When I moved to Sleepy Hollow several years ago, I walked every evening down by the river, eventually making my way up the ginormous hill in Tarrytown. I will always have love for the river towns—there, I feel a sense of community I haven’t experienced in other towns in Westchester. It’s not just about being friendly to your neighbor; here, everyone seems to have a deep appreciation for the environment, local businesses, and the town. But my walks were filled with hellos, people watching, and (of course!) playful pups.

It may have been my love for dogs, the appreciation for the water bowl outside for my Stella, the intoxikating smell, or the combination of all three that led me to Coffee Labs Roasters for the first time. And once I went in, I was hooked. An institution in Tarrytown—and Westchester County—I was proud to pick up my coffee every morning from a local, independent coffeeshop, and I was rewarded with a cup of great tasting coffee. In all honesty, it is one of the places I miss since I’ve moved. Countless coffees were drank, meetings held, and work accomplished to the amazing aroma of that coveted bean.



Kate chats with Alicia Love, of Coffee Lab Roasters


Latte or cappuccino, iced or hot, sweetened or black, Coffee Labs Roasters hands down brews a perfect cup. Their stitch—hand-picking their farmers and honoring sustainable practices—led to not only a hot spot of a coffeeshop, but a growing wholesale business.

And the duo who started it all—Alicia and Mike Love—followed their passion and picked the perfect location to call home. Just as you’ll find that deep rooted community in the river towns, you’ll find the Loves digging in, supporting the county, and sharing a cup of hot Joe.

Check out Coffee Labs Roasters at Friday’s ArtBash from 6-9 p.m. at Arts Westchester in White Plains.

{Coffee Labs Roasters: 7 Main St., Tarrytown, 914-332-1479,}

Image courtesy of Coffee Labs Roasters

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