IntoxiKate Travel Guide: Asian Cuisine in Westchester

by Katie Schlientz

The past few months have been very hard on us all, but if I have learned anything during quarantine it’s this—we’ve come out of it with stronger family values and an incredible sense of community. Oh, and enough banana bread to feed the entire country!

While the pandemic may keep us hopping on planes for a bit, spending several weeks in our homes only incited wanderlust. Luckily, we have no shortage of culture in our own backyard. And one of the easiest ways to explore a new culture is diving into its cuisine.

That’s why I’ve created these easy-to-use, new IntoxiKate Travel Guides. Focused on different cuisines and topics, these online, interactive magazines allow you to explore new restaurants, dishes, and more—all in your own backyard. First up? Asian cuisine in Westchester.

If you decide to explore alone or with the family, I’d love to see it! Join the conversation—simply use the hashtag #IntoxiKateTravel.

Here’s to spending a summer learning more about our world, enjoying new dishes, and living life deliciously!

To get started, simply click on the cover below.

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