IntoxiKate’s Edible Holiday Gift Guide: Island Creek Oysters

by Katie Schlientz
island creek oysters

{Island Creek Oysters: For the Shellfish Aficionado}

Per Se. The French Laundry. Nico Osteria. The White House. What do all of these locations have in common? Island Creek Oysters! Not only are Island Creek Oysters served in some of the best fine dining restaurants in the country, but they grow some of the finest oysters on the east coast period.

island creek oysters

That’s why they make the PERFECT gift for the seafood lover on your list. Sure, you can order a batch delivered to your front door—what a way to ring in the New Year!—but the company just launched an Oyster of the Month subscription service, delivering a box of 50 oysters (hand selected by the team) every month. The box will also include information about where the oysters came from—the farm they grew up on, the farmers that grew them, and the farming methods used. Not only can you enjoy delicious oysters, but you can educate yourself on oyster farming so you understand why they are so delicious (and how you can pick out quality oysters in the future!).

Membership to the Oyster of the Month Club is available in 3 month ($285), 6 month ($540) and year-long ($1,000) subscriptions.



Annie McNamara talks about the Oyster of the Month Club.

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