Kitchen Hack: Preserve Fresh Herbs

by Katie Schlientz

Last week, I swung by the News 12 Connecticut to offer quick cooking tips with news anchor Ali Warshavsky—who, I have to say, is just as cute in person as on air. While I have more videos to come, this segment features a quick and easy way to preserve fresh herbs.

While this tip works best with heartier herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme, I’ve found varieties like parsley and basil work as well. While the latter last up to three weeks, those with more delicate leaves can freeze, but you will need to use those ice cubes quicker.

I’ve also made the ice cubes with olive oil as well. This preserves the herbs a bit better, keeping their original color, but keep in mind, you’ll recipe will also have to include the oil (this doesn’t cook off like the water).

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