RENDERED: David Kurdys on Restaurant Hospitality

by Katie Schlientz

Is hospitality a lost art? Did the pandemic put an end to traditional service? David Kurdys, manager and sommelier from L’inizio, and I dive into discussing these questions and more on the next episode of RENDERED.

As the restaurants open up—facing new safety protocols after a hiatus from in-house service—I challenge you to really listen to David’s perspective on his front of the house role during COVID-19. David has a great sense of humor but offers a somewhat painful perspective on what his work life has looked like for the past three months working in an essential business.

David says, “There’s something good that will come out of all this.” And you know what? There can be… We, as diners, can understand the Davids of the world a bit better, fully understanding WE are an intricate part of the interaction and responsible for our own experience. We can step into a restaurant now and be a bit more patient and forgiving, fully understanding what it takes to binging food to table.


Rendered (verb): melt (fat or lard) in order to separate out impurities

RENDERED is dedicated to uncovering the spark of bringing food to table. The show focuses on the business of food—through interviews and visual storytelling via unfettered access, the show explores the ‘switch’ or focused passion that drove people to go to work in the food industry and the challenges they face making their way every single day in a highly competitive, and ever-changing business. (This concept has been registered with the Writers Guild of America East.)

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