Food Photography: Focus on Robin G. London

by Katie Schlientz
robin g london photography

It’s no secret that our online world is riddled with food photography. Login to Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, and you’re bound to find more than a few images. While it’s certainly a guilty pleasure for someone like me, I have to admit that I still have a great appreciation for professional photographers who can snap an image that looks good enough to eat.

For example, check out these totally delicious #unfiltered images.

Photographer: Robin G. London

I first met Robin on set at a photo shoot for InTown Magazine (remember that?). She had me stand in for her subject while she prepped the lighting, and at the end of the shoot I was rewarded with a handful of Polariods (yes, we shot with FILM!). I’ve always admired Robin’s work—from food to interiors to portraits, she can do it all. She even tackles the toughest subjects—pets!—with ease, practicing on her pack of gorgeous Siberian Huskies.

Warning: IntoxiKate is not responsible for any of the following symptoms: mouth watering, hunger pains, stomach growls, or the motivation to get in the car, and drive to your favorite restaurant. Watch at your own risk!

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Love what you see? Contact Robin to shoot your next Westchester event.

P & F 212.319.8339
P & F 914.993.9430
Cell   914.588.5393

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