Scavenger Hunt Recipe: Pasta with Jam Sauce

A friend of mine is participating in an international scavenger hunt, and when she asked me to help cross an item off her list, I was certainly game. My task? To review  West Collins' "Pasta with Jame Sauce." Not familiar with the "chef" I was working with, the wind quickly fell out of my sails after watching the video below. While quite fun to make (although NOT an easy recipe to follow...), the reward of making this recipe definitely remains in the process and not the finished product! (Although he is too cute...) Review of Pasta with Jam Sauce First [...]

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Radish and Scallion Fritters Recipe {Spices & Seasons}

Local blogger Rinku Bhattacharya has been busy—her second cookbook, Spices & Seasons: Simple, Sustainable Indian Flavors, hits store shelves next week, featuring over 150 recipes that encourage the use of ingredients from local farmer's markets. With a focus the growing demands on the modern family, Bhattacharya offers easy ways to introduce children to Indian spices via quick and simple recipes, like the one below for radish and scallion fritters. Buy the Book! Spices & Seasons goes on sale May 15 for $35. For more information, visit Radish and Scallion Fritters Prep Time: 15 minutes | Cook Time: 25 minutes | [...]

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{IntoxiKate Obsession} Suerte Tequila

When choosing a cocktail, it usually depends on my mood—a glass of wine pairs well with finishing a good book, a dirty martini (extra olives please!) toasts dinner with friends. But with the warmer temps we've had recently, I've been reaching for the Suerte Tequila. While I can picture some of you grimacing in horror while you're immediately haunted by spring break gone wrong in Cancun (everything in moderation!), I suggest you read further. One look at the funky rabbit artwork tattooed on the bottle, and you'll notice that this edgy, artisanal tequila is different. Although there are certainly nods [...]

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Photo Recap: IntoxiKate’s Cheesy Event with Great Balls of Cheese

Last night, author Michelle Buffardi and I teamed up for a Cheesy Event for Great Balls of Cheese. The book features a collection of sweet and savory cheese balls perfect for any occasion. With recipes fitting for everything from an upscale cocktail party to an impromptu family gathering, these creations pair pantry favorites with a variety of cheeses. Delight guests at your next event with a simple (and inexpensive) cheese ball! Ernie's Wine Bar + Eats in Bronxville provided the perfect backdrop for the event—I mean, what goes better than wine and cheese? The event recap, in photos, is below. To [...]

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Book Review: Great Balls of Cheese

Looking for a cheesy way to kick off your holiday party? Before heading to your local grocery story (or cheese monger), and head straight to the bookstore! Michelle Buffardi created Great Balls of Cheese, a recipe book filled with brilliant ways to incorporate cheese balls into any occasion. Recipes include: • Bored with your bean dip? Try crowd-pleasers like the zingy Mexican Black Bean Ball, a Cranberry Cheddar Ball, an updated Port Wine Cheese Ball (minus the scary pink color), and a bacon-filled Pigskin that’s perfect for game day. • Fun shapes like an adorable Herbed Caterpillar and Nacho Cheese [...]

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Cook Gourmet Meals with Plated

If you enjoy a good meal like I do, odds are you also like to try new recipes at home. And when you're trying a new recipe, it's sometimes hard to track down the ingredients it calls for—trust me, I can write a whole entry on hunting down the Knorr tamarind soup base I use to make Filipino pork Sinigang soup. And, if you do happen to get your hands on that hard-to-find ingredient, you'll use a teaspoon of it in the recipe and then that spice will sit in your pantry for months on end, unused. That's why I'm [...]

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Introducing the IntoxiKate Holiday Guide

The holidays are my favorite time of year. Friends and family gather around the table, pausing their busy schedules to sit down and share a delicious meal. Whether you’re serving up nostalgic dishes that remind you of yesteryear, or to trying out new items to wow the newbies at your table, it’s the meal that brings us together. From Turkey Day to New Year’s, the next couple of months are also bound to get a little crazy. I want you to focus on those special meals with loved ones, so I’ve scoured the county to help make this year’s holiday [...]

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Recipe: Trick-or-Treat with Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cups

Pass out these delicious, gluten free goodies to the ghouls and gals that visit your door this Halloween! Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cups How they are healthier… They’re gluten-free and sugar-free, and the carob and unsweetened carob powder are safe for diabetics, because you’ll be sweetening them with stevia and agave. Both the shells and the peanut butter fillings bake easily in a mini-cupcake tray, and here’s another secret ingredient: Extra-virgin coconut oil, which is great for the liver and immune system, and also boosts metabolism. Tip: If you’re a dark chocolate fan, use roasted carob, because the roasting makes the [...]

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Plan a MonStar Mash with Evite Gatherings and Party Bluprints

The gals at Party Bluprints have done it again! Party planner extraordinaires Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascali, co-founders and owners of Party Bluprints Inc. and The Party Bluprints Blog, teamed up with to create a MonStar Mash party you're sure to love! Chock full of design tips, crafts and recipes, the Evite Gatherings online magazine is the perfect last minute game plan to pull off a Halloween party guest-goers are sure to remember! Click on the cover below to view the magazine.

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Italian Wedding Soup Recipe

With the temperatures dropping almost overnight, I'm scrambling to find my favorite soup recipes to start cooking. Warm up with this recipe for Italian Wedding Soup from Swirls of Flavor blogger and Chef Gwynn Galvin. She writes: One of my favorite things about the seasons changing from summer into fall is homemade soup simmering on the stove.  Soup warms up your body and your soul. Italian Wedding Soup is one of my all-time favorites but did you know that the soup has nothing to do with weddings? The name “Italian Wedding Soup” happened to get a little lost in translation. It is a mistranslation of the Italian phrase [...]

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