Gourmet On The Go: Got Thyme Westchester

by Katie Schlientz
got thyme westchester

Okay, all my fellow foodies who are kickstarting the new year with a 30-Day Transformation, or those of you who are actually sticking to their new year resolution to be healthier in 2017—what is the hardest part of being on your new meal plan?


I get it. When I was on my elimination meal plan to jumpstart my digestive system, I battled the clock on a daily basis. With our long work hours and family responsibilities, it’s getting harder and harder to sit down to a healthy meal, let alone a home cooked one. Pair that with efforts to avoid certain foods—whether that’s food allergies or calorie restrictions—and we’ve got an all-out race to the finish on our hands, with a happier, healthier you as the prize. #nopressure

Well, what if I offered you a simple solution with homemade foods packed with local ingredients flexible enough for every meal of the day—including snacks—and ingredient transparency? It sounds too good to be true, but trust me, it’s not.

New IntoxiKate Favorite: Got Thyme Westchester

Got Thyme in New Rochelle isn’t housed in a huge space, but it’s one of those big-things-come-in-small-packages situations. There are pre-wrapped craft sandwiches and soups for those who are really on the go, but there are also sandwiches and chopped salads made to order, smoothies, juices, and a wide selection of prepared dishes.

got thyme westchester


When it comes to sandwiches, husband and wife team Peggy and Brett Portier don’t mess around. From the “The Avo Green” (fresh mozzarella, sautéed garlic spinach, avocado, and lemon juice on a ciabatta) to “The Godfather” (grass fed flat iron steak, horseradish cream, chili porcini jus, gruyere cheese, gorgonzola cheese, carmelized onions, bacon, and avocado on a fresh baguette), it’s clear both light and straight “hangry” appetites can be tamed.

got thyme westchester


I’ll admit, when first walked into the doors of Got Thyme I was tempted. I was in the midst of avoiding some of the foods I really loved—giving up tomatoes was the WORST!—but I stuck to my meal plan and chose options I could indulge in. The lineup did not disappointed. I would’ve dove headfirst into “The Godfather,” but the veggie wrap (above) didn’t leave me dreaming of the steak I missed. I was not only satisfied, but savored every delicious bite of cabbage, carrot, spinach and more.

got thyme westchester


Gluten-free? No problem. Dairy-free? Plenty of options. Vegan? Check. Nut-free? No worries. Plus, they even have a few Paleo-friendly soups and sides on the menu that taste ah-mazing. {IntoxiKate Tip: If they’ve got it, try anything squash-related.}

got thyme westchester


The pièce de résistance, in my opinion, is the range of prepared options made fresh daily. You’ll want to check their Facebook page for what they have on hand daily, but offer options like homemade zucchini quinoa cakes and handmade salmon burgers that are perfect for lunch. Swing by after work and you can pick up sides that play a supporting role to your own main entrée OR pick up everything you need, plus the opportunity to dedicate the time you saved on dinner prep to your family. Another time saver? Catering options are available for both holidays and special events. #yesplease

got thyme westchester


Got Thyme proves losing calories doesn’t mean losing flavor. One taste, and their dedication to creating everything in house is evident.

got thyme westchester


And while I’m well aware the cashew chicken bites (two ingredients!) were created with kids in mind, I’ll admit I may need a ten-step program to stop craving them.

got thyme westchester


Another IntoxiKate favorite was the pumpkin pasta. When it comes to the noodle, I usually like it lathered in a tomato sauce or garlic and olive oil. I couldn’t get enough of the creaminess of a sauce that lacked dairy—the pumpkin puree stuck to the spaghetti, providing flavor in each forkful.

got thyme westchester

Well, I can’t really cover a place without checking out dessert, and Got Thyme has a signature sweet you’ll want to get your hands on. Their famous paleo brownies (pictured above) are just that: pillowy goodness.



Owner Brett Portier describes the motivation behind the menu at Got Thyme in New Rochelle.

{Got Thyme: 1282 North Ave., New Rochelle, 914-355-4700, www.gotthymewestchester.com}

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