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to excite or elate foodies to the point of enthusiasm or frenzy; to live life deliciously is an interactive platform designed for fellow foodies where you can truly “play” with your food. Through the Fork This with IntoxiKate radio show, events, tastings, online magazines and social media, food lovers can interact with chefs, taste the latest culinary trends, try recipes, and fall in love with new restaurants.

Fine Print: Side effects include gluttonous tendencies, hunger pains, food cravings, and feeling insatiable.
If you are feeling any of these symptoms, feel free to indulge—all addresses to eateries are listed at the bottom of posts.
Guaranteed no calories gained by reading, but to avoid late night trips to the refrigerator, IntoxiKate should not be read past midnight. All cocktails and craft brews should be enjoyed in moderation.

IntoxiKate on TV

IntoxiKate creator Kate Schlientz swung by the News 12 Connecticut studio to offer a series of cooking tips to news anchor Ali Warshavsky. Click on the button below to see the videos, as well as more #IntoxiKating recipes, tips, and more!

Fork This with IntoxiKate

Fork This with IntoxiKate broadcasts live every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 2 p.m. on News Talk WGCH 1490 AM. Tune in to hear interviews with local chefs and restaurant industry professionals, as well as remote broadcasts from food-related events.

Restaurant Professionals

Chefs, bartenders, managers, and servers—if you are looking to promote a new menu, on the search for the best products, or looking to hire new staff members, I’ve got the resources to help you put your best dish forward. There’s lots of ways we can collaborate!

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Looking for a Restaurant?

I believe dining out is a very personal experience—you may love to dig in to some serious bone marrow, while others may be on the hunt for the perfect place for their family of four. I like to think of myself as a foodie matchmaker: I listen to what you’re looking for in a restaurant and then try to pair you up with the best fit. If you’re looking for a restaurant for dinner tonight, send me a tweet! I’ll make a recommendation for you.