The New Savor Dining Experience at The Westchester

Have you experienced the new gourmet dining options at #SAVOR at The Westchester? I recommend the Brussels Sprout Salad from Whitmans NYC and Tomato and Company's customizable Pizza. For more information, check out Shop Simon’s #SimonSAID blog: #foundatsimon #ad

Local Author Launches The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook

In Westchester and Fairfield counties, we have so many delicious resources at our fingertips. Our area is full of knowledgeable, talented experts, and Toby Amidor is a prime example of that. The Westchester-based nutritionist has a long roster of accolades—her ten-year writing relationship with, contributor on and Today's Dietitian Magazine, and the success of her first cookbook, The Greek Yogurt Kitchen. Toby popped on Fork This with IntoxiKate this week (interview below) to offer her expertise and chat about her new cookbook, The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook, a collection of recipes and tips to help you prep and [...]

Irvington Newbie: Sambal Thai & Malaysian

Irvington is lucky. First, they received a hands-on education on Indian food  from Chef Navjot Arora. With Chutney Masala, diners got a literal taste of authentic Indian cuisine and, paired with his cooking classes and specialties geared towards the more adventurous, Arora literally schooled everyone on spices, origins of dishes, and culture from the region. With his next venture, Arora is at it again, teaming up with Chef Lucky Thai to launch Sambal, an eatery dedicated to authentic Thai and (soon!) Malaysian cuisine. […]

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Power Your Lunchbox: Pledge to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Produce for Kids is dedicated to educating families on the benefits of healthy eating, providing simple meal solutions and raising money for children’s non-profit organizations. Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Amanda Keefer, the director of marketing communications for the organization, about preparing back to school lunches for kids. (Interview below.)  While there are plenty of amazing ideas for your little students—and the young at heart—here, I was blown away by their Power Your Lunchbox Pledge campaign. […]

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Back to School Recipes from Dinner Solved!

Back to school is coming. If you’re a parent with elementary and middle school-aged children, you have a lot on your mind: back to school shopping, school supplies, and (of course!) the busy fall meal schedule. If prepping those weekday dinners between school meetings, team practices, and late night evenings at the offices isn’t stressful enough, in the AM you have the challenge of packing those school lunches. Will they eat it? Are they trading that apple for fruit snacks? What are they serving in the cafeteria? […]

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Hudson Valley Restaurant Week: 105-Ten Bar & Grill

Just before the start of restaurant week, Executive Chef Eddis Martinez swung by the WFAS studio to chat all things Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (#HVRW). While he was listening to my monologue in the first few minutes of the show, he created his restaurant week menu. Once he revealed that in the interview, I couldn't help but visit his restaurant, 105-Ten Bar & Grill, to see what he came up with (and to see if anything I mentioned helped inspire him!). My first time at 105-Ten, I headed there for lunch and was pleased to see that the Briarcliff Manor [...]

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MELT Sandwich Shop in White Plains

Sandwiches. Some make them simple. Some go condiment crazy. But when you head to MELT Sandwich Shop in White Plains, it's different. At this sandwich shop, which only uses fresh ingredients, all the sandwiches end up the same way—baked in an oven and (of course) melted. But how they get there? That's your choice... You start by selecting your roll size: short, flat or long ($6.50 - $8.50). The short is more than enough for me, and I go for the whole wheat, although other options are available (and hopefully, coming soon: gluten free). Then you choose your meat—beef, rosemary [...]

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