Cowboy Steaks, Wine and Fireside Dining at Cellar 49

by Katie Schlientz
cellar 49

East Sunnyside Lane. If you ventured down Route 9 any further, you’d swear you were in Irvington. If the hidden location of the Tarrytown House Estate wasn’t enough to keep you guessing, the windy roads and surprising number of buildings may be enough to throw you off the trail. But hunger always wins, and let me tell you my friends—this meal is well worth the journey.

Venture down the stairs of this beautiful mansion, and a surprise awaits you—although this eatery’s coined a tavern, don’t expect a dive bar full of fried foods and ice cold beers. Here, you’ve got a view into history, with fireside dining cloaked in a masculine motif (and a private wine cellar to boot).

cellar 49 tarrytown

With a wine list following the trends—an array of small purveyors producing limited quantity bottles—there’s plenty to offer any preference and satisfy even the best wine connoisseurs ($45 to 225).

{IntoxiKate Tip}

If it’s still available during your visit, order the Kutch Pinot Noir. This rich wine pairs well with the bold character of the establishment.

Cellar 49 offers plenty of small plates to start—sip your wine while you munch on the offerings from the salumi and cheese charcuterie plate (which features local cheeses). Make sure to drizzle some of the softer cheese with the thyme honey ($19)

cellar 49

Another great option? The creamy burrata with sun-dried tomatoes, oregano and olive oil ($14).

cellar 49

With two flat breads to choose from, save room for the generously portioned entrées—and dessert!—and select the vegetable variety. The spinach, mushroom, mozzarella and tomato flavors are enhanced with garlic oil, but not powerful enough to encourage your fellow diners to nudge a pack of mint gum your way ($14).

cellar 49

The main course menu is divided into categories—if you’re thinking about those upcoming holiday calories, you may want to consider one of the fish options. The salmon (ask for it medium rare) comes with a wild mushroom risotto that adds an earthy flavor to the dish.

cellar 49

The flavor of the arctic char ($31), one of the specials of the evening, was brought to life by roasted, golden tomatoes.


If it’s a hardier meal you’re in the mood for—look no further, you’ve come to the right place—choose a game or meat option. One of the most popular (and robust) items on the menu is the cowboy steak—a honking piece of bone-in meat daintily plated atop a heap of mashed potatoes and asparagus ($39).

cellar 49

If you’ve managed to succeed at the task of saving room for dessert, don’t miss the potato donuts served warm and sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar ($9). (An IntoxiKate fav!)

cellar 49

The ‘cake and shake’—a five layered cake paired with a vanilla vodka milkshake—seems like it would be too rich at this point, but offers a surprisingly lighter decadence ($9).

cellar 49

Cellar 49 is officially one of Tarrytown’s best kept secrets. (The word is out…)

{IntoxiKate Tip}

Cellar 49 will be closed Dec. 15th to the first week in January for the holidays, so schedule your reservations soon!

{Cellar 49: 49 East Sunnyside Lane, Tarrytown, 914-591-3183,}

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